[Mailman-Users] Gmail eats MM messages

Alan McConnell alan at patriot.net
Wed Mar 14 18:27:45 CET 2007

On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 12:56:41PM -0400, Ryan Steele wrote:
> Is it the case that since Mailman makes the posting look like it came 
> from foobar at gmail.com (i.e., it's claiming to be that user), and since 
> one of the recipients is foobar at gmail.com, that Google drops it at the 
> gate and refuses to even handle it because it looks forged?  Has anybody 
> else experienced this issue?
	Google/gmail is smarter than we are.  It "knows" that since
	foobar sent the message, foobar knows what is in the message,
	and therefore doesn't want it cluttering up his(foobar's) Inbox.

I wrote a letter to the gmail honchos about this, which I reproduce
below.  Of course I heard nothing.  But maybe if 5 or 50 or 500 of
us wrote similar messages, something might happen . . .  ?

Alan, who enjoys p*ss*ng up waterfalls

I would like to have mail that I send to an E-list
(aka list-serve, E-mail list) from my gmail account,
accepted when it is sent back to me; it should appear
in my Inbox.  (I get postings from other list members,
so the list SW is OK).

It must have taken effort for Gmail to send these messages
to /dev/null.  I would like that effort to be undone.

Many thanks in advance,

Alan McConnell


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