[Mailman-Users] mailman with fetchmail, ISP smtp, blocked port 80

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Sat Mar 17 01:48:15 CET 2007

Dear Folks,

I have just moved to a new ISP which blocks ports 80, 25 incoming.

I have hosted (and hope to continue to host) two mailing lists, which
worked fine till the change.

I also have access to a web server pointed to by dns A record
nicku.org on which I cannot install mailman, but on which I can
install redirects, use mod_rewrite, and configure apache on.  Postfix
listens on port 25 on www3.nicku.org and can send mail via ISP mail
server.  An MX record for nicku.org points to mail.nicku.org, which in
turn points as an A record to an email hosting service.
www3.nicku.org is the new address of this machine hosting mailman.

I would like to ask:
1. Any suggestions on a good way to configure mailman in this
   situation?  My current method (dns points to this machine,
   www3.nicku.org, apache listening on port 8080, redirect from remote
   nicku.org to www3.nicku.org:8080) seems not right yet; attempts to
   click on the "Submit All Data" button on the admindb page just
   return the same page, without any apparent action having taken place.
2. I am running fetchmail as root, with a .fetchmailrc as shown below.
   Does that look correct?  Any suggestions?
3. the /var/log/mailman/smtp-failure log shows multiple (failed)
   attempts to send mail to fetchmail-daemon at www3.nicku.org; how do I
   persuade mailman to send to the correct address?
4. Are there any special settings I need for mailman to match this
   arrangement better?  Currently the changes to my mm_cfg.py are:
DEFAULT_URL_HOST   = 'www3.nicku.org:8080'
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'nicku.org'

Note that people access the web pages via
http://nicku.org/mailman/listinfo/camwest-discuss and

set daemon 180
set syslog
set postmaster nicku
set no bouncemail
set no spambounce

poll mail.nicku.org proto pop3
        user user01 pass passwordxxx is nicku here
        user user02 pass passwordxxx is auser here
        user user03 pass passwordxxx is anotheruser here
        user user04 pass passwordxxx is mailman here
        user user05 pass passwordxxx is mailman-admin here
        user user06 pass passwordxxx is camwest-announce here
        user user07 pass passwordxxx is camwest-discuss here
        user user08 pass passwordxxx is camwest-announce-admin here
        user user09 pass passwordxxx is camwest-announce-bounces here
        user user10 pass passwordxxx is camwest-announce-confirm here
        user user11 pass passwordxxx is camwest-announce-join here
        user user12 pass passwordxxx is camwest-announce-leave here
        user user13 pass passwordxxx is camwest-announce-owner here
        user user14 pass passwordxxx is camwest-announce-request here
        user user15 pass passwordxxx is camwest-announce-subscribe here
        user user16 pass passwordxxx is camwest-announce-unsubscribe here
        user user17 pass passwordxxx is camwest-discuss-admin here
        user user18 pass passwordxxx is camwest-discuss-bounces here
        user user19 pass passwordxxx is camwest-discuss-confirm here
        user user20 pass passwordxxx is camwest-discuss-join here
        user user21 pass passwordxxx is camwest-discuss-leave here
        user user22 pass passwordxxx is camwest-discuss-owner here
        user user23 pass passwordxxx is camwest-discuss-request here
        user user24 pass passwordxxx is camwest-discuss-subscribe here
        user user25 pass passwordxxx is camwest-discuss-unsubscribe here

where userxx is the username configured on the email hosting service,
to which dns A record mail.nicku.org points.

I will be grateful for any suggestions.
Nick Urbanik                http://nicku.org        nicku at nicku.org
GPG: 7FFA CDC7 5A77 0558 DC7A 790A 16DF EC5B BB9D 2C24 ID: BB9D2C24
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