[Mailman-Users] Mailman possible overloading Postfix

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Mar 17 03:46:14 CET 2007

At 5:42 PM -0700 3/16/07, Johann MacDonagh wrote:

>  Mar 16 19:23:05 myhost postfix/master[23796]: warning: process
>  /usr/libexec/postfix/bounce pid 3190 exit status 127
>  Mar 16 19:23:05 myhost postfix/master[23796]: warning:
>  /usr/libexec/postfix/bounce: bad command startup -- throttling

This is a different problem.  Try searching the archives of the 
postfix-users mailing list.  This kind of problem goes back at least 
as far as 2002, and probably earlier.  Two more recent threads I 
found that might be relevant to your case are at 

Or just Google for "postfix bad command startup", and follow the links.

>  Here's the final strange thing. After a message gets delivered to all
>  subscribers, the mailman site will be unavailable. Sometimes it says:
>  "Oops, we've hit a bug in Mailman <undetermined version>".
>  and sometimes it says something along the lines of:
>  "Oops, we've hit a bug. .... The issue was very low level and a trace
>  probably wouldn't help you."

I think that this is unrelated to the postfix problem above.

>  None of the mailman logs show anything regarding this. It seems like the
>  server doesn't have enough resources to display the mailman page (and
>  perhaps even fails to update the log because of a lack of resources).
>  Does anyone have any experience running Mailman on a low end server? I
>  can double the specs on this VPS for an extra $10 a month. I'll probably
>  test that out and see how well it works.

Search the Mailm FAQ Wizard for "performance".  But pay special 
attention to FAQ 1.24.

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