[Mailman-Users] Mailman possible overloading Postfix

Johann MacDonagh johann at macdonaghs.com
Sat Mar 17 07:55:18 CET 2007

Well it just seems kind of strange. I upgraded the stats on the VPS and 
haven't had any of those issues since. I Googled my error when I first 
got it and found a couple of the sites you mentioned. For them, it 
seems, the error is constant and blocks Postfix from working. In my 
case, Postfix works fine (it appears the mail goes out), but sometimes 
it causes issues like I mention in my next paragraph.

Just some more information, when Postfix was busy sending all of it's 
mail, I sometimes wouldn't be able to use such programs like tail or vi, 
because a shared library could not be opened (usually libc). That's what 
led me to believe Postfix or Mailman was attempting to use more 
resources than it should.


Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 5:42 PM -0700 3/16/07, Johann MacDonagh wrote:
>>  Mar 16 19:23:05 myhost postfix/master[23796]: warning: process
>>  /usr/libexec/postfix/bounce pid 3190 exit status 127
>>  Mar 16 19:23:05 myhost postfix/master[23796]: warning:
>>  /usr/libexec/postfix/bounce: bad command startup -- throttling
> This is a different problem.  Try searching the archives of the 
> postfix-users mailing list.  This kind of problem goes back at least 
> as far as 2002, and probably earlier.  Two more recent threads I found 
> that might be relevant to your case are at 
> <http://www.security-express.com/archives/postfix/2005-07/0055.html> 
> and <http://archives.neohapsis.com/archives/postfix/2006-05/1600.html>.
> Or just Google for "postfix bad command startup", and follow the links.
>>  Here's the final strange thing. After a message gets delivered to all
>>  subscribers, the mailman site will be unavailable. Sometimes it says:
>>  "Oops, we've hit a bug in Mailman <undetermined version>".
>>  and sometimes it says something along the lines of:
>>  "Oops, we've hit a bug. .... The issue was very low level and a trace
>>  probably wouldn't help you."
> I think that this is unrelated to the postfix problem above.
>>  None of the mailman logs show anything regarding this. It seems like 
>> the
>>  server doesn't have enough resources to display the mailman page (and
>>  perhaps even fails to update the log because of a lack of resources).
>>  Does anyone have any experience running Mailman on a low end server? I
>>  can double the specs on this VPS for an extra $10 a month. I'll 
>> probably
>>  test that out and see how well it works.
> Search the Mailm FAQ Wizard for "performance".  But pay special 
> attention to FAQ 1.24.

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