[Mailman-Users] Which settings controls mailman email addressdisiplayed?

Ryan Golhar golharam at umdnj.edu
Mon Mar 19 22:32:30 CET 2007

> >I've set up mailman on a RedHat linux server, and created a mailing 
> >list. My first problem is on the mainpage 
> >(http://xxx.xyz.edu/mailman/listinfo) it
> >says:
> > 
> >If you are having trouble using the lists, please contact 
> >mailman at xxx.xyz.edu.
> > 
> >How do I change it from mailman at xxx.xyz.edu to something 
> else?  Where 
> >is that setting stored?
> This is the address of the site list. The message is built on 
> the fly by the Mailman/Cgi/listinfo.py script. There is no 
> way to change it short of modifying this code.
> What you do is configure the site list so that mail to that 
> address goes where you want or produces an autoresponse with 
> appropriate information.

The problem I have with is that the address being displayed is non-existent
on the mail server.  The mailman system is installed on a web server thatis
separate from the mail server.  I want the contact to be the list owner of
the initial "mailman" mailing list ( step 9 from the installation

If modifying listinfo.py is the correct way to fix this, then that's what'll
do to fix it.


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