[Mailman-Users] Which settings controls mailman email addressdisiplayed?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Mar 20 02:03:50 CET 2007

Ryan Golhar wrote:
> The problem I have with is that the address being displayed is non-existent
> on the mail server.  The mailman system is installed on a web server thatis
> separate from the mail server.  I want the contact to be the list owner of
> the initial "mailman" mailing list ( step 9 from the installation
> instructions).  
> If modifying listinfo.py is the correct way to fix this, then that's what'll
> do to fix it.

It seems from your description that your mailman installation is not 

The domain of the mailman list's email address on the listinfo overview 
page is the 'email host' that is associated with the 'url host' that is 
the host name of the URL used to access the page in the VIRTUAL_HOSTS 
dictionary which is built with add_virtualhost('url host', 'email host') 

If you have only one web host and one email host, these should be 
assigned to DEFAULT_URL_HOST and DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST in mm_cfg.py, and 
these assignments should be followed by


Then when you go to http://urlhost/mailman/listinfo/, the mailman list 
address you see will be mailman at emailhost. Then as long as that list's 
owner is its only member, you get what you want.

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