[Mailman-Users] Server migration question

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Mar 20 02:19:00 CET 2007

vancleef at lostwells.net wrote:

>The esteemed Steve Burling has said:
>> So, we pretty much successfully moved our mailman installation from the old 
>> Solaris box to the new Red Hat box.
>> Only one small problem.  Of course.
>> We (and by we, I mean me) had failed to reduce the TTL for the MX record 
>> that points to our mail server, which is now on a new machine.  So some 
>> mailman mail is still being delivered to the old machine.  I've stopped the 
>> qrunners on that machine, so things are just piling up in the qfiles/in 
>> directory.
>This is something to handle in your MTA.  I assume, since you specify
>Solaris as the old machine, that you were running Sendmail on it.  
>Remove the aliases that pipe to the mail list, and set up something
>like mailtertable to ship them to the new host.  

That will do for the messages that arrive subsequent to making that
change. There is still the problem of the already queued messages.

Presumably the new installation is a 2.1.x installation, not 2.0.x, so
you can't just move the queue entries because they're not compatible
(in 2.1 there is a single .pck file per msg as opposed to the 2.0 .db
and .msg files). IIRC, the incoming message is plain text in the .msg
file, so using bin/inject on the new system to inject these into the
'in' queue for the list, although tedious, may be easier than anything
else. (with luck, the list is an addressee so you can get that from
the .msg without having to get it from the metadata in the associated

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