[Mailman-Users] basic postfix/mailman setup issue

Peter pmatulis at sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 21 05:53:19 CET 2007

Le Mercredi 21 Mars 2007 00:20, Mark Sapiro a écrit :
> Peter wrote:
> > Le Mardi 20 Mars 2007 23:53, Mark Sapiro a écrit :
> >> What is the group of aliases.db?
> >
> > $ ls -lh /var/spool/mailman/data/aliases*
> > -rw-rw----  1 _mailman  _mailman  10.4K Mar 20
> > 23:52 /var/spool/mailman/data/aliases
> > -rw-r-----  1 www       _mailman  64.0K Mar 20
> > 23:52 /var/spool/mailman/data/aliases.db
> Try
> chmod 660 /var/spool/mailman/data/aliases.db
> chown _mailman /var/spool/mailman/data/aliases.db

That change allowed a new list to be created and subscribed to without any 
error.  Strange that I need to first create an initial dummy list that will 
cause aliases.db to be created and then change its ownership and mode.

> My understanding of Postfix is that it should run the pipe to the
> wrapper with the group of the aliases.db file, but my understanding
> could well be wrong. Maybe it runs as the user of the file and that
> user's group. Thus, I suggest changing the user.
> The aliases.db must then be group writable because the web list create
> runs as user www (presumably), but group _mailman because the wrappers
> are group _mailman and SETGID.

Ok.  Thanks very much for your help.  I am now going to attempt to migrate an 
existing mailman installation over to this new one.  I sent in a post on this 
procedure yesterday (and you responded to it as well; thanks again!)


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