[Mailman-Users] Umbrella lists.

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 23 04:10:11 CET 2007

Lech Karol PawBaszek wrote:
> What i would like is to have "true lists" only at the lowest level. But 
> be able to accept incoming mail at the highest level and not to worry 
> about accepting the same mail on the other lists (if it is not from my 
> company domainname).
> I've tried acceptable_aliases variable, but it doesn't work if the lower 
> level lists doesn't have sender on a member list (which is ok). So i 
> tried to use spam filters and header_filter_rules variable and set one 
> rule matching "announce" at "announce.poland" level with action 
> "accept", but when generic_nonmember_action variable is set to hold 
> (members only list) - message still hits "on hold" queue, and when 
> generic_action_variable is set to accept (anyone can send emails) 
> messages pass through spam filters anyway.

You can't use header_filter_rules because the 'accept' action only says 
'pass the header filter'. It doesn't say 'unconditionally accept the 

Is there any way to tell
> mailman to accept message matching header (like accept_these_nonmembers 
> but looking at recepient address oslt) even if the list is "members only"?

for our advice on how to set this up.

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