[Mailman-Users] Trapping posts with no subject, and an apology

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Fri Mar 23 20:42:23 CET 2007

Mike Maughan sent the message below at 06:28 PM 3/22/2007:
>On 23/03/07, Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> wrote:
> >
> >
> > ^subject:\s*(\(no[_ ]subject\))?\s*$
> >
> >
>Thanks for the fix & the explanation.  Do you know, that's the first time
>I've actually understood a pattern search regex?  Wunderbar! :)
---------------- End original message. ---------------------

Learning regular expression construction is not an easy thing beyond 
the basic stuff.

A tool I use to help me interactively develop and test complex regex 
strings is the Rx toolkit in Active State's Komodo development 
environment (Komodo handles Perl, Python, PHP, Java and a few other languages).

You can try it free and a personal license is pretty cheap. 

I don't work for them, I just love the software because it has made 
my script programming a lot easier.


  Venimus, Saltavimus, Bibimus (et naribus canium capti sumus)

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