[Mailman-Users] how long does a installation take normally?

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Fri Mar 23 22:02:25 CET 2007

Lex Thoonen sent the message below at 12:58 PM 3/23/2007:
>I'm renting a linux box, fedora with the Apache/2.0.53. (as a
>dedicated server.)
>NOW; I looked at installing mailman myself, but rather soon figured I'm
>not linux experienced enough to do this. So I asked the tech people at
>fasthots.co.uk to take a look. They've been busy for a few days,
>working now and then I guess, and just now I received this e-mail from them:
>I've now (with the assistance of my colleagues here) spent
>considerably longer than the allocated 30 minutes trying to get this
>setup for you, without success. Realistically we are not going to be
>able to finish this without incurring additional PES fees, which may
>add up to a few hours - please let us know whether you wish us to
>carry on with this.
>Now, I would just like to know if this sounds kind of normal to you,
>experienced people. "a few hours" is quite a bit of money, hence
>my question.
>p.s. the server is a 'out of the box' story, hardly any modification
>(if at all).
>Thanks a lot,
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I think they are either lazy or incompetent. (Or both).

Mailman from source is extremely easy to install. I think it took me 
all of about 40 minutes to download it, extract it, read the install 
instructions and have my first test list working.

Since you are using a Fedora box, have you tried using yum to install it?

That's even easier, a few seconds for yum to grab an rpm from the 
repository and install it and then maybe 20 minutes to configure 
things and you should be going.


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