[Mailman-Users] 2 Different Domains on Same Server - Is thisPossible?

Brian Oliver briano at aiaa.org
Thu Mar 29 05:55:25 CEST 2007

I think I can sell the virtual domain capabilities to my client.  Any 
pointers out there to help get me started?  Also, will implementing this 
pose great risk on breaking my existing mailman configurable (meaning 
can I break the entire server by trying to implement this)?

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Brian Oliver wrote:
>> I already have an instance of mailman running with about 100 mailists.  
>> My client is now asking if I could host another domain on the same 
>> server.  So basically, I would require two web instances of mailman on 
>> the same box, because the clients are unique.
>> Is this possible, or will I have to procure and stage another mailman 
>> server?
> You don't need a second server. You can run two separate instances of
> Mailman on the same server. This allows the two instances to be
> completely separate and independent. Your web server and MTA have to
> be configured to execute the proper cgi and mail wrappers depending on
> domain.
> Yo can also use Mailman's virtual domain capability to run only one
> instance of Mailman supporting two domains. This does not provide the
> separation of two instances. List names must be unique across the
> installation (going away in 2.2), and it is possible to access the
> other domain's listinfo pages if you know their list names, but the
> listinfo and admin overviews will show only the lists for the
> accessing domain.

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