[Mailman-Users] Counting messages that went to postfix queue

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Tue May 1 18:58:30 CEST 2007


We're in the final tests of a pilot of mailman at our University.

Due to the previous problem with majordomo2 losing about 9% of
email (never sent to postfix, on same server) in the mail list,
we'd like to verify that the number of emails that were attempted to be
delivered equals the number from list_members command.

I've tried finding the message queue IDs which were used
and grep QueueID maillog | wc but this seems difficult
to do since some reappear again in the logs, which were initially

I also tried pflogsumm and looked at those stats.  At first I thought
the message sizes and multiples of that message size going to
different domains would be a key, but it seems to be inaccurate.

I don't have any indications that anyone in our pilot list was lost,
but we just need a method to account for the reliability.



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