[Mailman-Users] Mailman and Qmail/Vpopmail

Michael Kabot mkabot at soarol.com
Wed May 2 01:26:30 CEST 2007


The Qmail files can usually be found in /var/qmail/mailnames.  There should
be a directory for each domain. Within these directories Qmail uses
.qmail-<alias> filenames for configuration so they are easily missed.  Make
sure to use 'ls -al' to see them.

Check to see if Mailman has created the proper .files.  There should be
quite a few for each list you have created.

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| Hello,
| I'm trying to install Mailman and have some problems.
| If I try to send an email to the list(configuration),
| qmail cannot deliver the mail and I get a "Sorry, no mailbox 
| here by that name." I looked in the logs and qmail actually 
| tries to find the local mailman-testliste at lists.mydomain.tld, 
| like I configured it in the virtualdomains. I think qmail 
| doesn't check the mailman home which is /usr/local/mailman. 
| And I don't really know how qmail could find it. I have the 
| line "lists.mydomain.tld:mailman" in virtualdomains, but how 
| should qmail know where to find the mailman home directory?
| Hope the question is not to stupid and somebody can help me.
| Thanks,
| Simon Schuh
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