[Mailman-Users] Troubleshooting posting of a message

Rolf E. Sonneveld R.E.Sonneveld at sonnection.nl
Thu May 3 12:11:02 CEST 2007

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Rolf E. Sonneveld wrote:
>> Now, I tested the following:
>> I became user mailman
>> mailman> cd /usr/local/mailman/scripts
>> mailman> ./post <listname>
>> <message input>
>> <ctrl-D>
>> and indeed something showed up in the locks logfile, as well as in the 
>> post logfile and in the bounce logfile (as the sender address was not 
>> defined, mailman could not authorize the message submissions, which 
>> ended in a bounce). So it seems that the calling program within the MTA 
>> gets a positive success status from mailman, but something is wrong 
>> during message submission. To repeat part of he logfile:
>> [...]
>> 11:26:48.19: #1: running wrapper for every recipient
>> 11:26:48.19: #1:  seeking back to the beginning of the message
>> 11:26:48.19: #1:  about to fork()
>> 11:26:48.19: #1:   command completed successfully
>> 11:26:48.19: #1: cleaning up
>> 11:26:48.19: #1: mm_opers_free() starting
>> 11:26:48.19: #1: mm_opers_free() returning
>> 11:26:48.19: #1:   waiting child 25428
>> 11:26:48.20: #1: dequeue finished
>> 11:26:48.21: #1:   command completed successfully
>> 11:26:48.21: #1: cleaning up
>> [...]
> I see two possibilities.
> 1) the wrapper is failing and this fact is not communicated back to the
> MTA. Possibly there is a group mismatch or some other problem, but
> these result in stderr output from the wrapper and a non-zero exit
> status, both of which should be seen by the MTA.
> 2) the wrapper's precompiled path to the scripts directory is to
> something other than /usr/local/mailman/scripts.
> It is not clear to me from your initial posts whether this issue
> involves just one list or all lists and whether things this list (or
> all lists) ever worked.

It involves all created lists. And the odd thing is that it seems that 
the lists sometimes work, and sometimes not. After more investigation I 
found the following pattern: when I create a new list and add one or 
more members to it (using add_members), and I post a message to this 
list using one of the subscribed addresses as the sender address, this 
posting disappears (as described in my previous messages). However, when 
I add new members (so a second add_members action), and when I send mail 
after that memberlist change, then the message is delivered properly!

> In any case, you could try your test similarly to the above, but using
> the wrapper as in
> cd /usr/local/mailman/mail      (or whatever the correct directory is)
> ./mailman post <listname>
> <message input>
> <ctrl-D>
> The first attempt will probably result in a group mismatch error before
> it reads any message input. This will at least tell you what group it
> is expecting which may help if there is really a group mismatch with
> the MTA.
> Then if you can try it again as the expected group, you can see if it
> actually posts the message.

Thanks for this troubleshooting suggestion. Is there a way I can specify 
a sender address for this wrapper?


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