[Mailman-Users] Troubleshooting posting of a message

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu May 3 16:42:01 CEST 2007

Rolf E. Sonneveld wrote:

>Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> It is not clear to me from your initial posts whether this issue
>> involves just one list or all lists and whether things this list (or
>> all lists) ever worked.
>It involves all created lists. And the odd thing is that it seems that 
>the lists sometimes work, and sometimes not. After more investigation I 
>found the following pattern: when I create a new list and add one or 
>more members to it (using add_members), and I post a message to this 
>list using one of the subscribed addresses as the sender address, this 
>posting disappears (as described in my previous messages). However, when 
>I add new members (so a second add_members action), and when I send mail 
>after that memberlist change, then the message is delivered properly!

That is very odd. Since the problem appears to be in the interaction
between the MTA and the wrapper, and the wrapper/post script do not
look at the contents of a post or really any other attributes of it -
they just queue it for IncomingRunner. The wrapper doesn't even look
at the list name; it just passes it to the post script. Also, the act
of adding more members to a list does not affect anything that the MTA
looks at (I think, see next paragraph).

The log you posted previously seems to say the MTA delivering to
Mailman is 'middleman'. I don't know anything at all about this MTA.
Another hint in a prior post tells me it may have some programatic way
(rather than aliases) for determining whether and how a post should be
delivered to Mailman. How does this work and what does it look at?

What user:group does the MTA use to invoke the wrapper? Can you invoke
the wrapper manually as below as that user:group and see if it reports
a group mismatch error

>> In any case, you could try your test similarly to the above, but using
>> the wrapper as in
>> cd /usr/local/mailman/mail      (or whatever the correct directory is)
>> ./mailman post <listname>
>> <message input>
>> <ctrl-D>
>> The first attempt will probably result in a group mismatch error before
>> it reads any message input. This will at least tell you what group it
>> is expecting which may help if there is really a group mismatch with
>> the MTA.
>> Then if you can try it again as the expected group, you can see if it
>> actually posts the message.
>Thanks for this troubleshooting suggestion. Is there a way I can specify 
>a sender address for this wrapper?

If you mean an envelope sender, include a "From " line as the first
line of the message header. If you mean just the sender for list
membership tests, the regular From: header should be sufficient.

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