[Mailman-Users] Troubleshooting posting of a message

Eino Tuominen eino at utu.fi
Thu May 3 19:45:49 CEST 2007

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> The log you posted previously seems to say the MTA delivering to
> Mailman is 'middleman'. I don't know anything at all about this MTA.
> Another hint in a prior post tells me it may have some programatic way
> (rather than aliases) for determining whether and how a post should be
> delivered to Mailman. How does this work and what does it look at?

I hop into this thread as this is of interest to me, too.

Middleman is a channel daemon for Sun Java System Messaging Server (you
may know it as iPlanet Messaging Server or PMDF). I wrote middleman to
integrate Mailman with SJSMS as there was now thorough solution
available. It's still a work in progress, but works for us at the
University of Turku.

Now, there was a bug in middleman and I've asked Rolf to send me some
debugging info to find where the problem is. Until then there's nothing
to do but speculate. But I doubt the problem is in Mailman, although
Rolf's description of the problem seems very odd, I must say.

If anyone is interested in the integration, you may ask me off list if
you wish.

  Eino Tuominen

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