[Mailman-Users] Looking for professional help

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Thu May 17 14:15:30 CEST 2007

Brian Carpenter wrote:
> My installation of mailman is on a Linux box running cPanel/WHM. The
> os is CentOS 4.4. It is not an apple machine. It seems to me that
> the patch is looking for a Defaults.py.in file, which I don't have.
> I could be wrong however in interpreting the error message.

I don't know much about the ht:dig patch, but it does appear from a
cursory reading of it's docs[1] that it is meant to be applied to a
Mailman *source* tree, not to an already installed Mailman.

You may be able to force this to apply to the cPanel version of
mailman, but you'd face an uphill battle I'm sure.  See FAQ 6.11[2]
regarding cPanel.  There is a source dir on cPanel, the last time I
looked.  But it differs in numerous ways from the official Mailman

(Someone out there may be interested in doing this work for pay,
though I'm not one of them.  My experience with cPanel is
intentionally limited.  I found it incredibly annoying to have to
track down change after change that they'd made to the various parts
of the system.)

[1] http://www.openinfo.co.uk/mm/patches/444884/install.html
[2] http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py?req=show&file=faq06.011.htp

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