[Mailman-Users] single list has stopped working whileotherscontinue to work

Wallace Winfrey wally at booyaka.com
Tue May 22 06:05:15 CEST 2007

Mark Sapiro wrote:

> You haven't mentioned Mailman's 'error' log. Is there one (it's
> possible there isn't if there's never been an error)? If so, is there
> anything in it? Most error log entries won't include the list name so
> your grep wouldn't find them.

There's an error log, but there's nothing relevant in there (i.e.
nothing timestamped around the same time the messages were sent).

> That shouldn't be necessary. But, if the message gets to qfiles/in, it
> shouldn't disappear without some log message. What happens if you post
> a message to the list with Mailman's bin/inject?

It's definitely getting into qfiles/in -- I did a "watch --interval=0 -d
'ls -l qfiles/in/'" and then sent an email to
cycling74-announcements at cycling74.com, and a message briefly appeared in
there, and then disappeared (as expected). However, I don't see it any
mention of the mail in the logs once it goes in, well, I didn't think I
was anyway.

Tt appears I was wrong about there being nothing out of the ordinary in
the logs. I see the following (for example) in logs/vette whenever I
post to the list:

May 21 21:49:37 2007 (22417) Message discarded, msgid:
<4652684E.5060601 at cycling74.com>

If I look in the maillog, these are definitely the same message ids of
the messages I've been sending through and seeing, well, discarded.

This happens when using bin/inject -l cycling74-announcements to put a
message into the queue manually, as well -- it gets discarded.

My apologies for not mentioning this earlier. I assumed that all entries
in logs/vette would be preceded with the listname.

It's worth mentioning that we don't have any content filters set up for
the list.

I guess my question now is, why are messages sent to this list being
discarded? And all of a sudden? I suppose it's possible one of our
moderators may have inadvertently set a list option, but my perusal of
the configuration didn't reveal anything obvious.



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