[Mailman-Users] multiple header_filter_rules?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed May 23 01:53:05 CEST 2007

David R Bosso wrote:
>I have 2 rules set up.  For a given test message, Rule 1 does not match, 
>and Rule 2 does.  If I have Rule 1 set to discard, and Rule 2 set to Hold, 
>the message is discarded.  If I make the single change of setting Rule 2 to 
>Defer, then the message is accepted.

And did you by any chance try setting rule 2's action back to Hold and
testing again? The reason I ask, is that when you "Add new item" via
the web GUI, a rule gets created with a flag indicating it is 'empty'
and this flag isn't tested in processing. It shouldn't matter because
either this empty slot will be filled in or it's action remains
'defer', but I may be missing something.

>Any idea why the Action for Rule 1 is being used when Rule 2 is hit? 


>anyone else reproduce this?  Am I misunderstanding something about Rule 
>processing order?

I think your understanding is correct. I haven't tried to duplicate it.

>Using Mailman 2.1.9

>From source or a package? If a package, which?

Can you provide the contents of header_filter_rules, ideally from the
output of

bin/dumpdb lists/<listname>/config.pck


bin/config_list -o filename listname

but barring that, a copy/paste from the web interface, and a copy of
the test message that illustrates the problem.

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