[Mailman-Users] integrating mailman members list with anotherdatabase

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Nov 5 01:23:39 CET 2007

David Beaumont wrote:

>Thnanks for very prompt response.  I can obtain the list of members although
>I do not have server shell access, I can do it by email commands so that is
>no problem.  I don't understand though how you use that.   

Steven doesn't allow direct subscription to the list. Subscription is
set to require admin approval and requests are denied.

He has a separate "member services profiler" application that generates
the list of addresses that should be list members and processes that
with sync_members to update the list membership.

>I should add our mailman list is on a suppliers server.  We have our own
>website on a different suppliers server.  that website has a members only
>section where members have to login.
>Are you allowing only members of your list by making the only route to
>subscribing your own web site after logging in to your own web site?  Thats
>seems a great idea, we could do that and then we wouldn't need to run the
>mailman subscribers list at all let alone once an hour.  We would need to
>manuslly check all existing subscribers but only the once.  

As I understand Steven's post, he does something like that except that
people can't directly subscribe to the Mailman list through his
application. The application generates what should be the current
subscribers list and that is transmitted to Mailman periodically via

>I assume we would just edit the HTML of the standard mailman subscribe page
>to tell them to login to our site instead.  One question though is there a
>simple way to prevent non members subscribing by just guessing the subscribe
>email address? Oh one more when our members leave they will still stay as
>subscribers to the mailman list.  

You can prevent people from subscribing directly as Steven does by
requiring admin approval and not approving.

Then the question is how do you automatically update the Mailman list
membership as people subscribe and unsubscribe via your web site.
Steven does this by creating the 'current' membership list and
processing it through sync_members. This won't work for you with
Mailman hosted remotely and no command line access.

See the results of
for ways to use the list admin CGI to add and delete members.

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