[Mailman-Users] Defaults.py file - pipeline changes

Jewel Makda jewel.brueggeman-makda at washburn.edu
Mon Nov 5 17:25:39 CET 2007

My list owners were getting hit pretty hard with spam, almost 4,000 just 
over a weekend.  I did the following which has blocked most if not all 
of the spam going to listowners.  What I did was the following:
I edited the Defaults.py file to have the -owner messages go through the 
same pipeline as the normal messages delivered to list members.  I know 
that one downside to this change is if someone wanted to subscribe to a 
list and sent an email to listname-owner at domain.com, the request it 
would fail to be delivered. Most people contact our list owners directly 
through someone they know or with their work email.  Since I made this 
change I have not seen any disturbances or problems, everything is 
running smoothly.  I am posting this email to see if there are 
ramifications to this change other than the one I mentioned.

Here is the change I made to the Defaults.py file:

I know I don't need all of the above but I wanted to duplicate how 
messages were handled when people send directly to the list.


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