[Mailman-Users] Defaults.py file - pipeline changes

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Nov 6 06:15:01 CET 2007

Jewel Makda wrote:

>My list owners were getting hit pretty hard with spam, almost 4,000 just 
>over a weekend.  I did the following which has blocked most if not all 
>of the spam going to listowners.  What I did was the following:
>I edited the Defaults.py file to have the -owner messages go through the 
>same pipeline as the normal messages delivered to list members.

Never edit Defaults.py. Override that which you wish to change by
redefining it in mm_cfg.py. See

>I know 
>that one downside to this change is if someone wanted to subscribe to a 
>list and sent an email to listname-owner at domain.com, the request it 
>would fail to be delivered. Most people contact our list owners directly 
>through someone they know or with their work email.  Since I made this 
>change I have not seen any disturbances or problems, everything is 
>running smoothly.  I am posting this email to see if there are 
>ramifications to this change other than the one I mentioned.

Many. Are the list owners getting any notices from Mailman?

>Here is the change I made to the Defaults.py file:

As Brad points out, a ' is missing. I have to assume that this is not a
copy and paste of the actual OWNER_PIPELINE. If it is, this error will
break everything.


'CalcRecips', and you don't want it because it builds the recipient
list from the non-digest list members.


As Brad points out. 'AvoidDuplicates',




'OwnerRecips' and fortunately, this throws away the prior recipient
list built by CalcRecips.

>I know I don't need all of the above but I wanted to duplicate how 
>messages were handled when people send directly to the list.

You probably don't want Approve unless you anticipate messages to the
owner having and Approved: <password> header to bypass holds. You
probably don't want most of what you added.

You really don't want to duplicate what happens to list posts for a few
reasons, not the least of which is what Brad alludes to - messages to
the gate keeper must not be required to pass through the gate.

In any case, if what you are trying to do is handle messages from
non-members in the same way as they are handled for posts, all you
need to add is Moderate, but even this addition will probably block
notices from Mailman to the list owner/moderator because these are
originally sent to listname-owner from mailman-bounces, listname-owner
or listname-bounces, none of which are (normally) list members.

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