[Mailman-Users] change subscriber's email etc. from html/php form?

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Mon Nov 5 18:44:13 CET 2007

Hello all,

<beginners excuse>
Sorry, if my questions too stupid, but I've googled, searched the faq's, 
searched this archive, but either I have overlooked the solution or I am too 
blind to understand it...
I found some descriptions about command-line options, but none 
about "changeing addresses" (I havn't found a full list of all options, I 
guess, and I also have no knowledge in python).
As english is not my native language I maybe seached wrong, so I am greatful 
for any hints pointing me into the right direction.
</beginners excuse>

How can I give users the possibility to change their subscription details 
(like changing e-mail address, password etc.) without actually using mailmans 


There is a alumni site of a school with a directory of names and e-mails (a 
MySQL database), some parts of that site are password protected. Registered 
users can change their entries in that database with a web form.

There is also a mailman mailing list, where only a part of all users is 
subscribed to.

Now, when someone changes - for example - it's e-mail address I have to 
manually change it in mailman, too (or tell the user that s/he should go to 
the mailman page and change it there, what they usually forget...). 

So I'd like to be able to change the e-mail address of a user "autmatically" 
from my php-script. How can I achieve this?

thanks for your help.


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