[Mailman-Users] change subscriber's email etc. from html/php form?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Nov 9 22:00:43 CET 2007

Daniel Bauer wrote:
>I found some descriptions about command-line options, but none 
>about "changeing addresses" (I havn't found a full list of all options, I 
>guess, and I also have no knowledge in python).

The command line tools are listed at

>How can I give users the possibility to change their subscription details 
>(like changing e-mail address, password etc.) without actually using mailmans 

The tool for changing a member's address is bin/clone_member with the
--remove option. See bin/clone_member --help.

With appropriate permissions on clone_member, you should be able to run
it via php.

For changing other member options, see for example
You can also change a member address this way, but the member will
have to confirm the change.

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