[Mailman-Users] Changing URI

Arnaud Bailly abailly at oqube.com
Thu Nov 8 23:25:16 CET 2007

I have setup a mailman system (debian package, v. 2.1.9-7) and am
quite happy with it. I have however a small problem: I have changed
the base URI path of the scripts from /cgi-bin/mailman/xxx to
/private/cgi-bin/mailman, changing correspondly the apache config. The
problem is that all links in the ML's web UI are still in the old
format, which is quite annoying. I can (and dit) setup rewrite rules
to handle redirection to proper URI but this poses problems with
authentication cookies, or so it seems. 

Could somebody tell me what should be changed so that the UI's links
are setup right ?

OQube < software engineering \ génie logiciel >
Arnaud Bailly, PhD
\web> http://www.oqube.com

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