[Mailman-Users] Content boundaries vanish from mime messages ininput queue

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Nov 10 05:51:25 CET 2007

Lauren Weinstein wrote:
>What's happening is that messages coming through (and they look this
>way in the moderator's preview as well) are being stripped of all
>MIME boundaries -- I'll include an example below.

The example below from the moderator interface is irrelevant. In the
moderator (admindb) interface detailed view, "Message Headers:" shows
only the main message headers, not any MIME part headers and "Message
Excerpt:" shows only body lines from the MIME parts.

In short, you never see boundaries or part headers in the admindb
interface, but they should still be in the message sent to the list
members (unless removed by subsequent content filtering) if the held
message is approved.

>The boundaries
>are clearly present (and the messages display correctly) on cc'd
>versions that don't go through mailman.

And what about a message that is approved in the moderator interface
and sent to the list? Note that if any messages were sent to the list
with missing boundaries/part headers, and you have access, you should
be able to find them in the
archives/private/listname.mbox/listname.mbox file, and even if you
don't have direct access to that file, you should be able to get it
through the web via a URL like

>During testing, I also had
>an incident where it appeard that a newly arrived test message was
>deleted unseen when a bunch of older messages were being deleted thru
>the moderator interface, but I'm not ready to swear to that yet.
>Different issue.

This should not happen. Even if you "Discard all messages marked
Defer", the only messages discarded should be those on the page.

>Example of the Mime problem follows.  Note that the crypto portion 
>immediately follows the main text with no boundary, nor is there
>a boundary at the end of the crypto section.  Any ideas appreciated!

As I said above, this is expected in the admindb view and says nothing
about the message that will ultimately be delivered to the list.

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