[Mailman-Users] searching for a user in all lists

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Nov 14 07:34:38 CET 2007

On 11/13/07, Jim Coberly wrote:

>  I am not an expert, but take a look at the find_member and
>  remove_member mailman utilities.  It looks to me like they might help.

Yup.  Those are the ones you want.  Problem is, they're back-end 
command-line tools, and you'd need to be the site administrator with 
privileged access to the Mailman installation in order to run those 

In other words, a "normal" user account would not be sufficient -- 
you'd either have to be root, or otherwise have access to the Mailman 
userid, because all of the files in question will be owned and 
writable only by Mailman (or root).

I'm not sure if there are ways to automate these sorts of things 
through the web interface.  You'd need to check the appropriate entry 
in the FAQ Wizard for the web automation stuff to see if that's 

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