[Mailman-Users] settings in the from field

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Nov 17 04:24:15 CET 2007

Mervyn Kahn writes:

 > How do or what do I have to do to change the from to have less than all of
 > the following
 > epasella-bounces at epasella.biz; on behalf of; Teamepasella
 > [teamepasella at gmail.com]

You can't; this is a bug in the user's mail program, probably Outlook.
The most straightforward approach is to tell your users not to use
Outlook.  (I'm joking; you can't really do that, of course.  But it's
the only thing that will work without harming your lists.)

Internet mail has two separate headers, "From" which gives the
author's return address, and "Sender" which indicates the source
account which actually injected the message into the mail system.  You
should reply to "From" if you want to discuss the content of the
message, but to "Sender" if there is a technical question (such as a
change of address).  Very often they are the same, of course,
especially in personal mail.  Most mail programs sensibly show only
the "From" address by default; few users ever need to communicate with
mail administrators on other systems.  Unfortunately, Outlook thinks
it's a good idea to show both if they are different, combining them in
the format "SENDER on behalf of FROM".

Mailman uses this distinction to ensure that "bounces" from
undeliverable addresses (which are very common on mailing lists these
days) are sent to the mailing list administrator, *not* to the author
of the post who usually has no idea who else is or should be
subscribed to the list.

 > Can I eliminate the epasella-bounces at epasella.biz; from the from ?

Not without editing the Mailman source code, and suffering from the
lack of competent bounce processing.

For more details, see the FAQ


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