[Mailman-Users] Restoring Mailman after a crash?

Mike Avery mavery at mail.otherwhen.com
Sun Nov 18 00:07:33 CET 2007

Until last week, I was pretty lucky with Mailman.  I installed it, and 
it did its thing.  Beautifully.

Last week my FreeBSD system had a disk crash.  The drive only makes 
sickening clicking sounds and SpinRite can't touch it.

Luckily, I'd been doing weekly backups, so I didn't lose more than a day 
or two of messages.  I backed up by running tar on the entire mailman 
directory structure.  And it's all there!

But, now comes the fun part, how do I recreate the mailing lists, the 
archives, and so on?  Is there a FAQ entry?  If so, I haven't seen it.


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