[Mailman-Users] Saved configurations are not applied to email sentto list members

Keith Daniels keithwdaniels at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 21:23:37 CET 2007

On 11/24/07, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:
> Keith Daniels wrote:
> Did this post go through mailman? What are the full headers? Is ther an
> "X-BeenThere: mailman@<my.domain>com" header and or other mailman
> headers?

After looking at your alias question below I realize that -- no, it
was not going through mailman (see below)

> Do you have a separate Postfix alias (in /etc/aliases perhaps) the
> delivers mail sent to 'mailman' to you directly.

I did not realize it -- but I did.  Apparently the ISP set it up to
send mailman to root -- and -- later I sent root to my address on the
local servers local and then directed my email address to the gmail

> Also, check maillog to see where this mail to mailman@<my.domain>com
> was delivered and if it was resent from Mailman. The latter can also
> be determined from Mailman's logs.

OK, things  are normal, a new set of problems have arrived.... :-)
When I fixed the mailman alias ie. set it to mailman -- the mail
started to arrive in the mailman spool folder.  Of course it just sits
there instead of being processed so I have to go chase that problem
down now....  At least I am seeing a trail of where it stops instead
of just nothing happening......

Two questions:

I set the mailman alias to "mailman: mailman".  Is that correct?

When I set up mailman,  it automatically set the   DEFAULT_NNTP_HOST,
"fos.<my.domain>.com" which  is the 'hostname/domainname' of my server
hardware.  I changed the email to "<my.domain>.com" and the URL_host
to "lists.<my.domain>.com" (the vhost.d config file server name) and
left the NNTP_HOST the way it was.  Should I have left all settings at
"fos.<my.domain>.com" like mailman suggested?

> I think it's an MTA/alias issue. If I'm right, reinstalling won't
> change it.

I agree.  I will get back to you if I hit another snag in the instalation saga.

Thanks for your help


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