[Mailman-Users] Saved configurations are not applied to email sentto list members

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Nov 24 21:47:11 CET 2007

Keith Daniels wrote:
>Two questions:
>I set the mailman alias to "mailman: mailman".  Is that correct?

No. You want to remove this alias altogether so that the 10 aliases for
mailman, mailman-admin, etc. which are in Mailman's data/aliases will
be effective and not preempted by the /etc/aliases alias.

Or, I think you could just reorder alias_maps in your Postfix main.cf
to put the mailman aliases first.

>When I set up mailman,  it automatically set the   DEFAULT_NNTP_HOST,
>"fos.<my.domain>.com" which  is the 'hostname/domainname' of my server
>hardware.  I changed the email to "<my.domain>.com" and the URL_host
>to "lists.<my.domain>.com" (the vhost.d config file server name) and
>left the NNTP_HOST the way it was.  Should I have left all settings at
>"fos.<my.domain>.com" like mailman suggested?

No. DEFAULT_URL_HOST and DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST should be set for the
actual primary user visible web and email domains for your Mailman so
you did the right thing to change them.

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