[Mailman-Users] another question about invitation confirmation subject line/VERP

Christopher Adams adamsca at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 21:35:40 CET 2007

I have read the FAQ about modifying the mm_cfg.py file to create a
more "user friendly" subject for confirmations. I implemented this
with my Mailman/Postfix setup. I mainly wanted it for Invitation
confirmations, but I understand that for newer versions of Mailman, it
works for other confirmations as well.

One question- Since the subject line is changed and replaces the
confirmation ID code with other text, does that mean that simple
replying to the message to confirmm will no work? I have tested this
and found that I can confirm by clicking on the link and going to the
web page or by composing a new message with the confirm code in the
body, sent to the list-request address.

By default, Postfix allows VERP to rewrite the subject, but is other
configuration necessary to make the Reply to the confirmation message
work, or is that feature lost when VERPing?

Christopher Adams
adamsca at gmail.com

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