[Mailman-Users] another question about invitation confirmationsubject line/VERP

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Nov 27 22:35:06 CET 2007

Christopher Adams wrote:
>One question- Since the subject line is changed and replaces the
>confirmation ID code with other text, does that mean that simple
>replying to the message to confirmm will no work?

It will still work if your incoming MTA recognizes addresses of the form

   listname-confirm+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at example.com

as an address to be delivered to listname-confirm at example.com.

>I have tested this
>and found that I can confirm by clicking on the link and going to the
>web page or by composing a new message with the confirm code in the
>body, sent to the list-request address.

The confirmation message the user receives is From: an address like the
one above. Simply replying to that message (i.e.sending the reply to
listname-confirm+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at example.com) will work if
the MTA delivers it to mailman properly.

>By default, Postfix allows VERP to rewrite the subject, but is other
>configuration necessary to make the Reply to the confirmation message
>work, or is that feature lost when VERPing?

In Postfix, you need

recipient_delimiter = +

for this to work. VERP should not affect this as it manipulates the
envelope sender, not the From: header.

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