[Mailman-Users] include_list_post_headers

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Oct 5 06:33:55 CEST 2007

Steve Campbell wrote:

>Does the option "include_list_post_headers" being set to no resolve the 
>problem of people who "reply to all", which sends the reply to the 
>original poster and also the list again? I want the reply to only go to 
>the original poster.

No. "reply to all" in virtually every MUA will go to the list as well
as to the sender. We go to great pains to include the list address
somewhere to facilitate replying to the list. In fact, if you are able
to set Full Personalization which replaces the To: header with the
recipient's address, we put the list address in a Cc: header so "reply
to all" will still include the list.

I recognize that this may not be appropriate for an announce list so
see below:

>I have everyone set to moderated except for a few people, and this is 
>sort of an announce-only list. I would like to not have to discard all 
>of these messages as moderator.

You have a few choices. On an announce list, it is usually better to
set  member_moderation_action to Reject and set an appropriate message
(perhaps including "if you don't 'reply to all' to list messages, you
won't see this rejection") in member_moderation_notice, or if you
really want to discard them, set member_moderation_action to Discard.
Either way, you don't have to manually deal with them.

Other possibilities are to try to train your list members not to "reply
to all" (probably futile), or to set require_explicit_destination to
No and send posts with a Bcc: to the list so the list address doesn't
appear in To:, From: or Cc: headers.

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