[Mailman-Users] include_list_post_headers

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Fri Oct 5 14:43:51 CEST 2007


Thanks very much for the detailed explanation (and all the time and help 
you provide).

I will do my best to train the users, but for now, I have just added a 
note in the footer to avoid the "Reply to All". Of course, no one read 
footers, but what the heck.


Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Steve Campbell wrote:
>> Does the option "include_list_post_headers" being set to no resolve the 
>> problem of people who "reply to all", which sends the reply to the 
>> original poster and also the list again? I want the reply to only go to 
>> the original poster.
> No. "reply to all" in virtually every MUA will go to the list as well
> as to the sender. We go to great pains to include the list address
> somewhere to facilitate replying to the list. In fact, if you are able
> to set Full Personalization which replaces the To: header with the
> recipient's address, we put the list address in a Cc: header so "reply
> to all" will still include the list.
> I recognize that this may not be appropriate for an announce list so
> see below:
>> I have everyone set to moderated except for a few people, and this is 
>> sort of an announce-only list. I would like to not have to discard all 
>> of these messages as moderator.
> You have a few choices. On an announce list, it is usually better to
> set  member_moderation_action to Reject and set an appropriate message
> (perhaps including "if you don't 'reply to all' to list messages, you
> won't see this rejection") in member_moderation_notice, or if you
> really want to discard them, set member_moderation_action to Discard.
> Either way, you don't have to manually deal with them.
> Other possibilities are to try to train your list members not to "reply
> to all" (probably futile), or to set require_explicit_destination to
> No and send posts with a Bcc: to the list so the list address doesn't
> appear in To:, From: or Cc: headers.

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