[Mailman-Users] shutting a list (down and moving to a new server)

Bruce Mackenzie gm BMackenzie at alum.mit.edu
Sat Oct 13 04:19:39 CEST 2007

>>… Can anyone give me any advice on how to close down a list?
>>  The list is moving to a new server,
>> unsubscribing everyone ... emergency moderation for the switchover

My suggestions, to   "Transfer from an Old List to a New List":

Configure the New list:
With only yourself & your alternate e-mail address as subscribers.
Test it, by subscribing and unsubscribing and sending messages,
especially to get these the way you want them:
    new-subscriber welcome message
    Header added to mail sent to regular list members
    Footer added to mail sent to regular list members
               Put a reminder to use the New list address in the Footer
    Header added to every digest
    Footer added to every digest
                Try out  "%(real_name)s"  and   "@%(host_name)s"
This is also a good time to let an inexperienced assistant try things out.
Also, Copy the archive over to the new list, if you wish and are able to
                   (I may write up instructions.)

Copy the subscriber addresses to the New list, as follows:
Save the old subscriber list, if the Old list is a mailman list,
         this method preserves the people's names, other methods do not,
         send e-mail:
            To:  ListName-request at YourDomain.com
            Body:   Who   [password]
Check for 'Hidden Members' , save their addresses,
       [You can see if you have any on the '/listinfo/ListName'  page
       [not sure the easiest way to get the Hidden members addresses (?) ]
Turn "General / Emergency Moderation"  of the New list   to  "Yes"
Subscribe everyone to the new list,  using the
           "Membership Management.../Mass Subscription"  page
          Set   "Send welcome messages to new subscribees?" to    "No"

Forward incoming mail for the Old list, to the New list, as follows:
     If you have access, somehow disable the old list and
              replace its address with a forwarding address to the New
list address
                      If you are running Unix/Linux, this may be the
'aliases' file
     Or,  [I may get complaints for this… it is one step toward making
a mail loop]
                Add the New list address as a subscriber of the Old List
           Remove all old subscribers from the Old List,
             Except, leave the New list address, and
              leave yourself to check for incoming mail during the transition

Test the forwarding from the Old list address to the New list,
           Check that the message was distributed to you, and got in
the archive.
           (plan ahead with an interesting message, not just an empty
'test message')

Send a  "Welcome & Change of  List Host" message (written ahead of
time), include:
        "We are please to announce our new host service…
         "please use this New address:     NewListName at NewDomain.com"
         "any questions to:   :     NewListName-Owner at NewDomain.com"
         "We are now using Mailman,  to change the settings (digest,
..) visit:  …. "

Keep "Emergency Moderation" turned on for a few days,
         to trap administrative requests to change an address, etc.

After the subscribers are used to the new list, and you have built up
some messages in the archive,  send an occasional administrative
reminder, such as:
(Be sure  "General / Send monthly password reminders?"    is set to Yes, )
And send a message on the last day of a month saying:
     "You will receive a password reminder, tonight …
         Save the password and use it to browse the archived messages
         at:  http://www. [Domain.com] /mailman/private/ListName/
      You may also use that password to change your address…
      You may also use that password to choose to receive multiple
messages in a
        Single 'digest' message, at:   http://  [Domain.com]
/mailman/options/ ListName

After a month, search your mail for anyone still sending mail via the
Old list address.
        Remind them privately to use the New list address
After several months, remove the forwarding from the Old list address
to the New list,
               to reduce any spam to the list or list owner

- - - -
Send comments & corrections CC: BMackenzie at alum.mit.edu , as I may not
see them in my digest.  Does someone want to proof read this and make
it into an FAQ?
- Bruce Mackenzie

> From: kate griffiths <ksg1000 at hotmail.com>
> Subject: [Mailman-Users] shutting a list
> Dear Mailman users Can anyone give me any advice on how to close down a list? The list is moving to a new server, but I can't find any info in the FAQs about shutting a list down and the helpful stages to follow. It may be as simple as unsubscribing everyone, but any pointers anyone has would be much appreciated. Plus, if I switch the system to emergency moderation for the switchover process just to avoid any admin messages going to the list when they should come to the admin address, does that have any side effects? Thanks in advance for your help, Kate.

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