[Mailman-Users] Batch processing a mailing list...

Jurgen Gaeremyn jurgen.gaeremyn at pandora.be
Thu Oct 25 22:42:04 CEST 2007


I'm pretty new to the mailman thing... I've been lurching this mailing
list a few weeks now, and you guys really seem very helpful... (even if
we ask pretty novice questions)

So, here's my question: I want to transfer a mailinglist to my new host
(Webhosting UK).
My list counts 750 members, but I'm recommended to (as they mailed me)
split the mail transfer up into batches of maximum 250 members at once,
with a 1 hour delay.

I'm not really in the clear how I should do this... could you guys help
me out?

Thanks in advance,

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