[Mailman-Users] Problems with mailman and postfix

Daniel Herrmann daniel.herrmann1 at gmx.de
Mon Sep 17 21:03:44 CEST 2007

Hello List,


first: I installed mailman now for the first time.


I could make the new list "mailman" via ssh and the newlist command.


The second list I created via the webinterface.


Everything works well, but if I send now a message to
<mailto:Mailman-request at www.lists.bushido-wuestems.de>
Mailman-request at www.lists.bushido-wuestems.de


I get the following Error: 


< <mailto:Mailman-request at www.lists.bushido-wuestems.de>
Mailman-request at www.lists.bushido-wuestems.de>: mail for

     <http://www.lists.bushido-wuestems.de> www.lists.bushido-wuestems.de
loops back to myself


What to do now ?


Another Problem: I get the following Error every time I change something in
the Web-Interface:


Sorry, we hit a bug. I have to set the permissions "chmod 0777
/var/lib/mailman/* -R" until it works.


I would be great to get an answer.






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