[Mailman-Users] Case Problem

nozy osborne nozyneo at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 26 01:57:43 CEST 2007

  Good Day
  I have a problem with my Mailman Mailing List.
  I am the moderator and owner of the Mailing list.
  I am running Mailman in my linux machine.
  My Mail Server has this settings (below)
  Postfix = smtp (outgoing protocol)
  Tpop3d = pop (incoming protocol) w/ LDAP Support
  Mailman version 2.1.8 = Group Mailing List
  In the Mailing List Web UI I registered some email addresses in the "member list"
  then when a member of that mailing list is posting on the mailing list
  he/she often to redirect for an approval from the moderator/owner of the list,
  and notify me that certain member of the mailing list
  is under for approval of the moderator and presently not a member
  of the list, how come? 
  and Im sure I registered him/her to the member's list, this is always 
  happening everyday, 
  how can i solve this problem?
  what is the lack in settings of my Mailman server?
  is there any bug existing on the version im working with?
  kindly help me, if ever any people has a knowledge with my problem
  because i need it very badly, i will appreciate any assistance from you guys
  thank you very much and God Bless
  -- niel

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