[Mailman-Users] gzipped archive files.

Williams, Paul paul.williams at uwex.edu
Wed Sep 26 17:26:22 CEST 2007

On our system, we do a monthly rotation of archives, and 
keep about 12 months of the gzipped files in the *.mbox directories.
Then periodically we clean up the archives when we are running
out of space and truncate the archives which can be downloaded,
to either 6 or 12 months using the arch --wipe mailman feature.

However, we still are running out of space on our mailman server
and I was looking around where I might gain some space.
I noticed that we are gzipping the archive files, nightly

27 3 * * * /usr/bin/python -S /opt/mailman/cron/nightly_gzip

but it also leaves a copy of the uncompressed archives.

Is this the proper behavior?
Is it possible to only have the gzipped archives and not
the text files?

If I comment out the above nightly_gzip line will it
cause a problem?



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