[Mailman-Users] moderation not working

metsf1 at yahoo.com metsf1 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 2 07:28:08 CEST 2008


I have a list that I run that is having moderation
problems.  While I have turned on all of the correct
moderator options, certain addresses seem to be
alluding the system, and it's causing a lot of
problems.  I think I have tracked the cause to '+'
characters being used in people's email address.

For example, say the email bob at smith.com is subscribed
to my list.  I checked the "mod" box, and I set in
Send Filters the option that all people on and off the
list  must get moderator approval before posting.  If
bob at smith.com emails my list, he will get held and
I'll have to approve it.  However, often times people
on my list use an address like bob+ at smith.com.  These
emails go straight through and post to the whole list.

Right now everybody on the list is seeing unsubscribe
and admin requests, and it's REALLY annoying.  It's
caused a mass unsubscribe, and it's practically out of
control.  Does anybody please know how to fix this?


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