[Mailman-Users] moderation not working

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Apr 2 18:50:47 CEST 2008

metsf1 at yahoo.com wrote:
>For example, say the email bob at smith.com is subscribed
>to my list.  I checked the "mod" box, and I set in
>Send Filters the option that all people on and off the
>list  must get moderator approval before posting.  If
>bob at smith.com emails my list, he will get held and
>I'll have to approve it.  However, often times people
>on my list use an address like bob+ at smith.com.  These
>emails go straight through and post to the whole list.

If on Privacy options... -> sender filters

default_member_moderation is Yes
member_moderation_action is Hold
accept_these_nonmembers is empty and
generic_nonmember_action is Hold,

and all current members are set moderated, e.g. by having set them
under "Additional Member Tasks" on the Membership
Management...->Membership List page, then the only way a post can get
to the list without being held and approved by a moderator is if it is
pre-approved with an Approved: password header or initial plain text
body line.

Note that if bob at example.com is a member, bob+ at example.com will still
be treated as a non-member (unless that address is explicitly a member
too), so I would ask if accept_these_nonmembers contains a regexp that
matches '+'.

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