[Mailman-Users] moderation not working

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Apr 2 22:17:53 CEST 2008

metsf1 at yahoo.com wrote:

>> If on Privacy options... -> sender filters
>> default_member_moderation is Yes
>> member_moderation_action is Hold
>> accept_these_nonmembers is empty and
>> generic_nonmember_action is Hold,
>> and all current members are set moderated, e.g. by
>> having set them
>> under "Additional Member Tasks" on the Membership
>> Management...->Membership List page
>All of these settings are activated just as you said.
>> then the only
>> way a post can get
>> to the list without being held and approved by a
>> moderator is if it is
>> pre-approved with an Approved: password header or
>> initial plain text
>> body line.
>I'm not familiar with this, could this be the problem?

Only if the people sending the posts know how to do this and know the
list admin or list moderator password.

>> Note that if bob at example.com is a member,
>> bob+ at example.com will still
>> be treated as a non-member (unless that address is
>> explicitly a member
>> too), so I would ask if accept_these_nonmembers
>> contains a regexp that
>> matches '+'.
>I assumed it would treat the '+' as being a different
>address.  However, accept_these_nonmembers is empty,
>unless this is somehow a server setting that I can't
>control which overrides my config.
>I added in hold_these_nonmembers the following flags
>to try to stop the posts
>^*+ at example\.com$ and ^.*example\.com$
>I tried both separately but neither worked.

The first regexp is totally invalid. It would have to be

^.*\+ at example\.com$

The second should hold any non-member mail from any domain ending with
"example.com". The fact that it doesn't says that the mail is being
accepted before any non-member tests are applied.

What Mailman version is this? Is this perhaps a cPanel or other
modified package?

I have tested this locally by moderating user at example.com. A post From:
user+ at example.com with envelope from user at example.com was held as a
post from a moderated member, and a post From: user+ at example.com with
envelope from user+ at example.com was held as a post from a non-member.

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