[Mailman-Users] list address in From: line post message toclosed list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Apr 4 05:11:40 CEST 2008

Steve Lindemann wrote:
>If the message had been held I should have seen an entry for it in the 
>vette log and there wasn't one.  I checked the message header for an 
>Approved line and (fortunately) didn't find it.  I'd be very 
>"disappointed" to find that password in a message header.

If the incoming message had an Approved: header, it would have been
removed before being archived or sent to the list.

Note that a post will be determined to be from a list member if any of
From:, Reply-To: Sender: or the envelope sender (unix from) contains a
member address. I think in an earlier post, you indicated the message
came from 5850-260-1-62.dialup.samtel.ru according to your mail server
log. You could check there for the envelope from, and check the
Reply-To: of the received post. Unfortunately, if all you have is a
message from the list, the Sender: (and maybe other headers too) has
been rewritten by Mailman, but the original Sender: if any and 'unix
from' representing the envelope sender should be in the message in
archives/private/listname.mbox/listname.mbox. Note also, that this
list of places to look for a member address is the default, and can be
overridden by setting SENDER_HEADERS in mm_cfg.py.

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