[Mailman-Users] Control of newsgroup posters

David Beaumont david at johmar.com
Mon Apr 7 01:57:17 CEST 2008

Thanks but we have the newsgroup because some members, albeit a few, prefer
a newsgroup interface.  They would definitely not want to use the newsgroup
to read and then have to use email to post.   

I am experimenting with the mailman option 'List of non-member addresses
whose postings will be immediately held for moderation' and adding
'*@pegasus.annex.net'  which is what shows in the headers of the gated
newsgroup posts (with * being a random number).  Am I wasting my time
looking into that?  If not do I have the * right - I don't understand the
mailman help line  "start the line with a ^ character to designate a regular
expression match", can someone give examples of that usage to obtain the
wildcard function?



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mark Sapiro  
> >Is there a simple way to control newsgroup posters?  We 
> interface our 
> >mailman list to a newsgroup.  We find that not only do 
> people who post 
> >via the newsgroup NOT have to subscribe to our email list, we also 
> >cannot hold their posts for moderation.  We would like the 
> opposite of both of these.
> That's not the way it works. The assumption is if you are 
> gating from news that you want all the posts from the news group.
> It you only want posts on the list from list members and want 
> them moderated by the list, don't gate to the list from the 
> news group, just gate from the list to the news group and 
> have list members post to the list and not the news group.

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