[Mailman-Users] Not all subscribers receive emails

Matthias Rank matthias at pg-seefeld.de
Tue Apr 8 10:49:58 CEST 2008

I could temporarily solve the problem by simply restarting my server. 
Then, for about one whole week, everything went perfectly. But yesterday 
the same problem appeared again. It is not a real solution for me to 
restart my server weekly so does anybody have an idea?
@Mark: Thanks, but SMTP_MAX_RCPTS is already set to 10

Mark Sapiro schrieb:
> Matthias Rank wrote:
>> Hi everybody.
>> I have a problem with Mailman. When I send an email to a list this won't 
>> be any problem for very little lists up to a size of about 15 
>> subscribers. But if the list grows there are more and more people who 
>> don't receive emails and produce bounces like "testlist: a at b.de bounce 
>> score: 1.0" or "testlist: a at b.de has stale bounce info, resetting". The 
>> amazing is that there is no obvious system which persons do not receive 
>> emails, especially these are not always the same people and they are 
>> member of different email providers. Furthermore there are some (few) 
>> people who do hardly receive any email sent with Mailman although their 
>> email-accounts are okay.
>> I'm using plesk, so any other mta than qmail won't work, if this might 
>> be the problem.
>> I'm very confused and would be very glad about help.
> Some MTA in the delivery chain is not accepting more that 15 (?)
> recipients per message. Presumably, this is the qmail that Mailman is
> talking to. If it is your qmail, you may be able to adjust it to
> accept more recipients, or you can set
> in mm_cfg.py to tell Mailman to never send to more than 10 recipients
> per SMTP transaction.
> Once you do this, I think the bulk of your bounces will go away. Then
> you can investigate any remaining non-receipt problems.

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