[Mailman-Users] ANNOUNCE: GNU Mailman 3.0a1 (Leave That Thing Alone)

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Wed Apr 9 04:10:58 CEST 2008

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After far too long, I'm finally happy to announce the availability of  
GNU Mailman version 3.0 alpha 1, code name "Leave That Thing Alone".

Hopefully, I needn't point out that this version is not suitable for  
production.  Instead, I'm making it available to provide an early  
snapshot of where Mailman 3 is going, and to give interested  
developers, users and integrators something real to play with.  I am  
looking forward to your feedback and contributions, and I hope you  
will at least download the package and give what works a try.

For now, I would prefer if all discussion about 3.0a1 were held on the  
mailman-developers mailing list.  Please don't submit bug reports to  
SourceForge; it's far too early for that.  Ideally, you'll be  
interested enough to create your own branches and push them to  
Launchpad for all of us to look at.

For detailed information on 3.0a1, please read docs/ALPHA.txt.  This  
will explain what works and what doesn't, how to run the test suite  
and how to actually create, populate, and deliver to some mailing  
lists.  Much does not yet work, but everything that does work is very  
well documented using Python's doctest framework.

Please note that Python 2.5 is required, but a C compiler is no longer  
needed.  You will need some third party packages, but everything you  
need is available in the Python Cheeseshop.

You can download both the tarball and egg file for 3.0a1 from the  
Cheeseshop as well:


You'll probably want the source tarball.

I hope you will find this first snapshot useful and encouraging.   
Please participate!

- -Barry

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