[Mailman-Users] Bounces and disk quota exceeded

Jo‹ao Sá Marta samarta at ci.uc.pt
Wed Apr 9 10:20:09 CEST 2008


Thanks for your tips.

Mailman was working well. The problem was mine.

I had not read the Mailman manual -->"Only one bounce per day counts 
against a member's score, ..."

Today that member was disabled.

Regarding to the bounce feature:
 where can I get more detailed information, sepecifically /"Your 
Membership Is Disabled/ warnings "

If a member as disk quota exceeded, how can he receive those warnings ?

Thanks for your help.
   Joao Sa Marta

> João Sá Marta wrote:
>> I am sending a message to a test list and I have created a user in 
>> our system with a very small disk quota.
>> I know that this user has already his disk quota exceeded and I've 
>> verified that sending "him" a message directly from my personal email 
>> address. (I've received a message from my mbx server with the usual 
>> notification "undelivered mail returned to sender"
>> I´ve set the parameter bounce_score_threshold to 0.5 and even now 
>> that member's subscription is not disabled and I, as the list owner, 
>> have not received any bounce notification.
>> Can anyone tell me what is the issue, please ?
> Do you have bounce_processing and all three bounce notifications set 
> to Yes?
> What's in Mailman's bounce and smtp-failure logs after you send to 
> this test list?
> Does mail to the list-bounces address get properly delivered to 
> Mailman? What happens if you send an ordinary message to the 
> list-bounces address?



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