[Mailman-Users] Attachments and blank messages

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Apr 12 17:01:17 CEST 2008

Sciamano wrote:
>Basically, I don't want any attachments except for text files, nor any
>HTML messages sent to the list.
>The list seems to work fine for most of the subscribers, except for
>two of them, whose messages are creating problems: one who uses his
>office email account and whose server attaches a disclaimer to the
>messages, and the other who is using an Excite email account, which
>adds an HTML banner to the bottom of his messages.
>Depending on how I set the list up, only one of these two members
>messages get delivered to the entire list correctly. The other one's
>get delivered as blank messages (althought they show up correctly in
>the archive). I can't seem to be able to set the filtering properties
>in order to have both members' messages delivered correctly.
>More specifically, if I set content filtering this way:

>the posts from the member using an Excite account get delivered
>correctly, but those from the member using his office mail get
>delivered as three attachments, two of which contain the list's header
>and footer, and one containing the post. The problem is that not every
>member receives the three attachments correctly, some only receive an
>empty attachment.

This seems like a problem with the MUAs (mail clients) reading the
message rather than the message.

>I tried changing the collapse_alternatives setting to:
>Should Mailman collapse multipart/alternative to its first part content?
>(Edit collapse_alternatives): NO	
>But when the list is set up this way, the posts from the "office
>member" get delivered correctly, but those from the "Excite member"
>arrive blank.
>How can I have both members' posts delivered correctly?

Set your content filtering as follows to do what you say you want.

filter_content Yes

filter_mime_types empty


filter_filename_extensions empty, but doesn't matter unless the message
has a text/plain attachment with a file name extension that matches.
pass_filename_extensions empty

collapse_alternatives probably Yes

convert_html_to_plaintext doesn't matter because no HTML will get there

filter_action Reject

The above will remove everything which is not a text/plain part from
the delivered messages.

If you want to allow HTML that isn't in a multipart/alternative part
and convert it to plain text with lynx or whatever is set in mm_cfg.py
as HTML_TO_PLAIN_TEXT_COMMAND, then add text/html to pass_mime_types
and set convert_html_to_plaintext to Yes.

If the above suggestions do not resolve the problem, we need to see a
sample of each message (one 'office' and one 'excite'). The samples
can be edited for privacy, but they need to be raw messages as sent by
the user (not necessarily to the list) with the MIME structure and
headers intact. I.e., they need to be messages as sent by the users,
not as delivered by the list.

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